Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine Supplier Shares What Is Automotive Paint Finish

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Today, the supplier of Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine introduces the techniques of car finish polishing:

Polishing method: adjust the rotation speed of the polishing machine, and the sponge wheel is fully wetted with water to remove excess water. First apply a small amount of C3 polishing agent to the lacquer surface (each piece is treated once, not widely applied), and the polishing is started from the roof. The sponge wheel of the polishing machine is kept in line with the lacquer surface, the strength is moderate, and the speed is kept constant. Polishing in a certain order during polishing, not free. After using C3, switch to brightener and follow the above steps again.

When the paint finish is finished, the paint surface will be smooth and bright, but sometimes there will be some extremely small scratches and flower marks or halos. In order to keep the paint surface smooth and shiny, a mirror glaze is required. This mirror glaze is made of polymer such as polymer glaze as the main raw material. It does not contain wax, frog and nitrosamine. It can make enamel mirror effect on the paint surface of any model, and it is smooth, bright and sealed on the paint surface. The enamel mirror protective film keeps the body bright and mirror-like. It also has many remarkable functions such as acid rain, anti-oxidation, anti-UV, anti-fading, etc. It can also resist the slight scratching of hard objects, not afraid of fire and oil pollution. And has a retention effect for more than one year.

When using, first clean the polishing residue with a clean soft cloth, shake the mirror glaze, apply it on the lacquer surface with a soft cloth or sponge, and leave it for 60 seconds and then polish it by hand or machine. The machine is polished to a speed of 1000 rpm or less, and finally the residue is wiped off with a clean soft cloth. When it is processed by hand, it can be polished straight and polished.

Note on automotive paint polishing tips:
1. Control the speed of the polishing machine, which cannot exceed the range of the selected speed.

2. Keep the polishing direction consistent, there should be a certain order.

3. To change the sponge while changing the polishing agent, do not mix the sponge wheel.

information about aluminum wheel polishing machine : https://www.zhongyun-machine.com/product/wheel-polishing-machine/

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