Ceramic Grinding Abrasive Manufacturers Share The Resilience Of Ceramic Abrasives

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Ceramic abrasive is a relatively tough product, so it has certain advantages in its use. In order to better use the product, we must correctly understand the performance properties of the product and its application range, then Ceramic Grinding In order to better help everyone understand, Ceramic Grinding Abrasive manufacturers will come to understand it.

The toughness of ceramic abrasives refers to the ability of the abrasive particles to resist fracture under the action of grinding force. It is generally believed that the abrasive should have a certain degree of toughness to ensure the ability of the abrasive to cut during the grinding process. During the grinding process, the abrasive wear and hardness, thermal shock resistance, vibration resistance, impact resistance, compression resistance and corrosion resistance Closely related. All of these properties can be combined and expressed in terms of “toughness.” Therefore, the concept of resilience reflects a number of physical and chemical properties.

Use of ceramic abrasives:
1, for the stone industry to grind marble and other soft materials.
2, glass industry can grind glass burrs, TV picture tubes, optical instruments, lenses, prisms, glass for watches and clocks.
3, metal industrial sandblasting, derusting, grinding. Printing industry grinding offset, as well as light industrial processing of plastic samples, leather and other purposes.
The properties of ceramic abrasives are mainly introduced around the shape, specifications and shape characteristics of the products, so that everyone can better understand and use the products. If we can master some parameters in time, we can better help us. use.

information about ceramic grinding abrasive : https://www.zhongyun-machine.com/product/abrasive/

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