How To Use Wheel Polishing Machine

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Wheel Polishing Machine is mainly used to make up for the small defects of the surface of the paint film such as coarse grain, sandpaper mark, flow mark, anti-white, orange peel, etc. after the surface of the automobile is sprayed. The treatment method is to grind and polish after spraying. Improve the mirror effect of the paint film to achieve the requirements of bright, smooth and gorgeous. The polishing machine consists of basic components such as base, throwing disc, polishing fabric, polishing cover and cover. But do you know how to use the car polisher correctly? Let’s take a look at it together!

First, how does the Wheel Polishing Machine work?
Polishing machines, also known as grinders, are often used for mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing. The working principle is as follows: the motor drives the sponge or the wool polishing disc mounted on the polishing machine to rotate at a high speed, and the polishing disc and the polishing agent cooperate with each other and rub against the surface to be polished, thereby removing the paint surface contamination, the oxide layer and the shallow mark. purpose.

Second, the use of Wheel Polishing Machine
First, before using the polishing machine, the corresponding thickness of the car wax should be used according to the oxidation and damage degree of the car paint surface. After the polishing machine is leveled, the motor is fixed on the base, and a mat is used.

Then turn on the power, put down the handle, press the fuse column, start the machine switch, adjust the power according to the degree of polishing required by the corresponding paint, generally recommended that the speed is not too high, to prevent some damage to the paint, polishing machine The route to work is best straight.

Finally, the polishing can be carried out in two stages. The first part is the rough polishing to remove the polished damage layer, and the second part is the fine polishing to remove the surface damage caused by the rough polishing, which can reduce the polishing damage relatively. It is best to pay attention to the surroundings when polishing.

information about wheel polishing machine : https://www.zhongyun-machine.com/product/wheel-polishing-machine/

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